How To Polish A Fountain Pen Nib

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how to polish a fountain pen nib waterman 5a

If you ever start using or collecting vintage fountain pens, chances are you’ll end up with a nib that is no longer shiny. While it may still work just fine, wouldn’t it be nice if it looked good, too? I’ve got a very simple trick that you can use to shine up almost any gold nib that has seen better … Read More

How To Photograph A Fountain Pen: Light (Part 1)

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emerald of chivor pilot pro gear g lalo fountain pen

Many people enjoy using fountain pens not only because they are a pleasure to write with, but also because they are beautiful. Depending on the type of writing you do, sharing your writing with others may not always be possible. Fortunately, in today’s world of social media it couldn’t be easier to share images of your beloved pens. In this … Read More

How To Refill A Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge

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How To Refill A Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge filling the cartridge

One of the main disadvantages to using ink cartridges in your fountain pens is that you are very limited in which inks are available in cartridge form. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use any ink you want in a cartridge? I’ve got good news for you… you can! In this article, I’ll show you how you can refill … Read More

How To Refill A Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pen

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Replacing Pilot Varsity Ink fountain pen

The Pilot Varsity is sold as a disposable fountain pen, but it seems like such a shame to throw one away once you’re done with it. Instead of tossing it in the garbage, what if you could refill it? Good news… you can! In this article I’ll show you how to refill a Pilot Varsity (or Pilot Vpen as they’re … Read More