Valentine’s Day Giveaway – Lamy Vibrant Pink Fountain Pen Ink

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Valentine’s Day might bring many different things to mind like love, hearts, roses, and chocolates. And if you had to choose one color to associate with Valentine’s Day, it would probably be pink, right? Well, even if you don’t have a Valentine (or can’t stand the holiday like some people I know), I’m here to try and make your Valentine’s … Read More

Rickshaw Pen Sleeve Giveaway!

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rickshaw bagworks pen sleeves

A few days ago I posted a review of the wonderful Rickshaw Bags pen sleeves. Now, I’m giving away some of the products I reviewed! Read on to find out how you can win your very own Rickshaw pen sleeve. What Are The Prizes? Since Mark with Rickshaw Bags was nice enough to load me up with gear, there are … Read More

Fountain Pen Day 2017 Giveaway!

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Fountain Pen Day 2017 Giveaway esterbrook

My first love in fountain pens was vintage pens. To me, that’s what fountain pens are all about. Of course, there are many amazing modern pens out there, but there’s just something special about using a pen that’s 50 or even 100 years old. I’ve seen a lot of Fountain Pen Day giveaways, but honestly don’t know if I’ve seen … Read More

The Daily Giveaway – Contests In The World Of Fountain Pens

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how to use a fountain pen proper writing technique

You want some free stuff? I want some free stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff? It seems like there are always multiple giveaways going on in the fountain pen community, especially around Fountain Pen Day (the first Friday in November). Here’s a rundown of all that are currently happening (that I know about). If you know of any that are … Read More