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Rickshaw Bagworks Custom Pen Rolls and GIVEAWAY!

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Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I like to doodle with my fountain pens. I find it a great way to use my pens, get creative and relax.

You might also remember that I was lucky enough to get to know Mark with Rickshaw Bagworks while I lived in San Francisco. My wife and I are a big fan of Rickshaw products and use them on a regular basis. Mark even invited me to their production facility and gave me some products to review and giveaway when I was just starting this blog.

A few weeks ago I posted some of my doodle images to Instagram and was surprised when Mark reached out to see if I’d be interested in getting them printed on some pen rolls. I knew that he had done this with a few other people in the fountain pen community, but never expected my own images to be on a pen roll. Needless to say I scanned my doodles and sent them over to him right away!

The Rolls Arrive!

I just received the pen rolls and couldn’t be happier. The dye-sublimation printing process Rickshaw uses is not only amazing but also extremely durable, and the resulting fabrics look incredibly true to the original. Take a look for yourself:

Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway green doodle and original
Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway apricot
Mark also took the liberty (after asking) of playing with one of my doodles a bit in Photoshop and altered the color to give different options. Of course, his team matched the tag and plush interior of each roll to the color of the pattern.

Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway color variations pen roll
He also threw in some matching single pen sleeves that, of course, have the coordinated tags and plush interiors.

Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway pen sleeves
Each roll holds six pens and rolls up to a size not much larger than a can of cola.

Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway fountain pens
Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway rolled up
Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway end view

Giveaway Time!

It would be selfish to keep these all to myself, so I’m going to give them away! Well, not all of them. I’m particularly fond of the green and gold pattern, so I think I’ll keep that one for myself, but all four of the “ribbon” color variations (along with matching pen sleeves) are going to new homes. Before I get into the details, here are a few more images:

Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway color options
Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway detail

Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway

Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway

Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway

Rickshaw Pen Roll and Sleeve giveaway

This giveaway will have four (4) winners. Each winner will receive one (1) pen roll and the matching pen sleeve. Please be sure to fill in the field on the entry form and let me know your first and second color preferences. Whoever gets picked first will receive their first color preference. The second winner will receive their first color preference if still available and their second color preference if the first is not available. The same for the third and fourth winners. If neither preferred color is available for the third or fourth winners, I will randomly choose a color for each.

Below, you’ll be able to enter and will find the full terms and conditions. This contest ends at 11:59pm MST on Sunday, March 31. Winners will be announced and notified on April 1. Any pens, inks or paper that are pictured with the pen rolls and sleeves are not included. Good luck!

Rickshaw Fountain Pen Roll Giveaway

Comments 39

  1. I really like the green-gold one too, but these rolls are all beautiful! And those matching sleeves, oh wow. Lovely designs 🙂

  2. The green-gold one looks absolutely stunning and the orange one is so bright and has a summer vibe to it! All of them are beautiful!! 😍

  3. I have been following Rickshaw Bags for some time now and would love to have one or two of their rolls/sleeves, please let. Me. Win. 😂

  4. These rolls are all amazing! Mark is such a cool dude and not only a retailer, but a big contributor to and supporter our community. I’m so glad he chose your artwork. You deserve it.

  5. I like these abstract doodles and they make great designs for the pen rolls. The translation from paper to fabric looks seamless.

  6. I see a lot of people doing creative doodles which end up on pen rolls and sleeves by Mark and his team. I do not have that doodling ability!

  7. Thank you for the opportunity! They look amazing and I’ve had a Rickshaw Bagworks pen roll on my wish list for months. Months because I literally only got into fountain pens a few months ago. Haha…

  8. Wow, cool giveaway. I think I’m getting addicted to fountain pens, I’m beginning to follow bloggers!

  9. The drawings are lovely and they look amazing on the Rickshaw items! It really looks like you might have just drawn right on the cloth.

    1. I’m no expert on it, Aaron, but as far as I understand it, a pattern is printed onto the fabric. The fabric is then passed through a machine that heats the dye and chemically bonds it to the fabric. This way the pattern becomes a part of the fabric instead of just sitting on the surface of the fabric.

  10. Thank you so much for doing this.
    I just have 1 question, where will you announce the winners? Twitter or Instagram? Or will you notify through the email we provided?

  11. I LOVE the ribbon design. I especially love how you made the design with curved edges on paper. But I was so pleased to see it made into pen rolls and even more pleased to see different colors. I am excited by the possibility that I may win one (woohoo!). Rickshaw Bagworks is a great supporter of the fountain pen community. Such an awesome company. And thank you for being so generous with your toys! 😊

  12. These are brilliant, and so much more fun than other options out there! The matching sleeve and roll are a unique design too. Love it!

  13. Your green doodle is incredibly soothing! Congrats on getting your design on these nifty Rickshaw pen-sleeves/rolls!

  14. I think the violet looks best – because it isn’t monochrome like the others.
    That sort of artwork (well shaded) lends itself to a lot of variation tricks and techniques. If Mark wants help using Photoshop to make more color variations – let me know.

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