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Fountain Pen Giveaways, Deals, Reads and Love – Week of April 22, 2019

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Here’s a quick roundup of new giveaways, deals, reads, images and a bit of what I’m loving for the week of April 22, 2019.


All pricing was accurate at the time of this post, but may have changed, so be sure to check the price before purchasing. As always, only purchase items from trusted sellers.

– I check every week and this is the first time I’ve seen a bottle of Montblanc ink drop below $20 on Amazon: Montblanc Royal Blue
Waterman Serenity Blue is still available for a great price.
– One of my favorite inks, Iroshizuku Syo-ro, is available at an amazing price!

Interesting Reads and Images

– A wonderful history of Pelikan inks can be found at The Pelikan’s Perch
– A slightly older, but still very interesting read about a particular iron gall ink and its effect on nibs.

What I’m Loving

– Vacation planning! I’m heading out of town next week and am getting really excited for a little rest and relaxation.
– My wife was just out in San Francisco for work and brought home some sourdough bread. I miss living there and having regular access to such good bread!

Disclaimer: In case you’re wondering, this page (and the rest of this site) contains affiliate links. The little bit of money I earn from these is used to purchase new products for review and to occasionally give away. Thanks for reading and the support!

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  1. Real sourdough bread is something you take for granted when you live on the west coast, and dream about when you’re no longer there. You’re lucky to get some! I really enjoy your weekly roundups, thanks for all the great info.

    1. It really is. Having grown up in Colorado, I knew it was special when I lived there, but after moving back have searched in vain to something comparable. Thanks so much for reading!

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