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Custom Fountain Pen Paper Sample Pack Now Available!

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I’m happy to announce that a new item has been added to The Shop! In addition to The Big Fountain Pen Paper Sample Pack, you’ll now find The Custom Fountain Pen Paper Sample Pack!

The paper sample packs that are available in the shop were born out of something that I personally would find useful and actually use. Each pack contains samples of various fountain pen friendly papers taken directly from notebooks. This way, you can try samples of many different papers and figure out which is your favorite without needing to spend hundreds of dollars purchasing different notebooks!

What’s In The Sample Pack?

While the original “Big” sample pack contains a fixed number and types of papers, the “Custom” sample pack allows you to choose which papers you’d like samples of. In addition to papers from the original “Big” sample pack, many new papers are available in the “Custom” sample pack, including samples from many high-end and hard-to-find notebooks. If you consider yourself a paper connoisseur and feel like you’ve tried most paper that is out there, this is definitely the sample pack for you.

Here’s a look at the papers that you can choose from:

Where To Purchase

If this sounds like something you might be interested in or you want more information, you can get a better look at the sample pack on its shop page. I currently have a decent stock of paper, but since some of these notebooks are harder to find, it might take a while to replenish some supplies once they run out. With that being said, I’m also looking to add some new papers to the list as soon as I can get enough of them, so do check back later or get in touch with me if you don’t see something that you’re looking for.

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  1. Excellent John! I am glad you took up this next option in the paper samples. I hope it is a big success; it certainly is the only opportunity online to sample papers without having to buy whole books or pads.

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