Miscellaneous Paper Sample Pack


Here’s a mix that I won’t offer very often. Included in this paper pack is an assortment of papers that can be found in both The Big Sample Pack and The Custom Sample Pack. You will receive 15 individual sheets of paper. Although the mix will be random, I will do my best to minimize the number of duplicates you receive. With that being said, you will receive some duplicate sheets of paper.

The name of each paper will be written in one of the lower corners in fountain pen. This is so that you can easily identify it. If having a bit of writing on each piece of paper might bother you, I’d suggest you consider a different paper sample pack instead.

If you’re not sure which papers may be included, take a look at both The Big Fountain Pen Paper Sample Pack and The Custom Fountain Pen Sample Pack for a complete list of papers that are available. No requests, please.

If you’re also interested in purchasing a larger sample pack, I’m happy to combine orders into one envelope!

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