Paper of the Month Subscription

$5.00 on the 1st of each month

The Paper of the Month subscription brings you fresh samples of fountain pen friendly paper every month.

See below for a detailed description of what is included.

Monthly charge of $5.00 includes postage.

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First payment: January 1, 2023



Add some new paper to your life! The Paper of the Month subscription brings you fresh samples of fountain pen friendly paper every month. This is a great way to discover new paper without having to buy random notebooks!

In a typical month you can expect to receive two different paper samples: one sample of paper from a notebook and one sample of loose-leaf or letter-writing paper. Some months things may get switched up to include two notebook samples, a fancy envelope sample or some other type of fountain pen friendly stationery.

Each month’s subscription includes:
– 2 Paper Samples, each consisting of 3 sheets of paper or 1 “sheet” of other type of stationery (for example, 1 envelope)
– A short description of each paper sample, as well as where it can be purchased

A few things to note:
– Paper Samples may include paper that is available in my Paper Connoisseur or Custom Paper Sample pack, but will not any include papers from my Big Sample Pack.
– At the time the samples ship, all included papers are available for purchase via online retailer. Purchase information is included in case you love the sample and want to purchase more.
– Whenever possible, A5 samples will be used. Monthly samples will be shipped via USPS inside of a non-rigid 6×9 envelope. If a larger paper size is used, it will need to be folded.
– This recurring subscription will be billed on the first of each month and shipped shortly thereafter. New subscribers will receive their first sample pack in the following month. You may, if you wish, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.
– If you have any questions, please contact me before subscribing.
– Monthly charge of $5.00 includes postage.

If you live outside the United States: At this time, this is only available to people within the United States, as shipping internationally is cost-prohibitive. I am working on creating a quarterly subscription service that may work better for international shipping. Thank you for understanding!