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It’s time for another giveaway! I can’t believe it’s been a year since my last one. I guess that’s one more thing to dislike about 2020. This time I’ll be giving away a Carmyne’s Journal. Be sure to check out my latest blog post if you missed my review of these great journals.

About Carmyne’s Journals

To briefly summarize what makes a Carmyne’s Journal special:

  • Beautiful covers reproduced from vintage French fabric
  • 68gsm Tomoe River paper
  • Elastic closure and page ribbon
  • Rounded page and notebook corners

Of course, there are also other qualities that make these notebooks so great. There’s the “soft touch” covers, the many pages, the hard cover… the list goes on and on. Also, they’re not currently available through any US-based retailers, so to get one of your own you’ll have to order it from The Netherlands! Or, you can win one here.

Giveaway Details

I am giving away one Carmyne’s Journal that was provided to me for review purposes. It has not been used, but has been removed from the packaging. Still, it should be considered to be new. This giveaway is for a notebook with the “Leaves” cover pattern.

Entering is very simple. The widget below has a bunch of different ways to enter. For example, you get one free entry just for stopping by! You can also visit (and hopefully follow) Carmyne’s Journals on Instagram, tag a friend on my Instagram giveaway post and share the giveaway in an Instagram story. You can also comment on any blog post on this site for an entry and this one can be done once per day! If you’re not sure what to comment about, leave me a note on this post about how you use your journals.

Carmyne’s Journal Giveaway

Comments 22

  1. I don’t journal, having started and stopped multiple times over my life. However, I do use a notebook to record my various crafting projects…one for sewing, one for knitting and one for needlework. I record ideas, projects on which I’m working (including any changes), and future projects. I tape in samples of the fabrics, yarns, and threads. Actually, I guess I do “journal”, as I keep a daily written account of the crafting I’ve done that day in a small planner.

  2. I’m a daily journaller; as a student it’s more than just a necessity for errands and staying on task; I find the process meditative as well.

  3. Is this giveaway open to Canadian residents? I didn’t find any restrictions listed, but I’m assuming it isn’t worldwide!

  4. I own half a dozen notebooks of this style but I don’t really journal. I have tried, over the years, but it’s just not my thing. I do, however, use them for poetry archiving. Once I am finished editing a poem I’ll transcribe it into one of my journals for posterity. I still call them notebooks though. I was hoping to win this particular “journal” to gift it to someone I “met” on IG who I know would really appreciate it.
    Thanks for the opportunity John.

    1. It’s definitely not easy to keep a journal, Geoffrey. Still, I think having notebooks that you write in is great. As long as it gives you a reason to sit down and write with a fountain pen, it doesn’t really matter what you write. Good luck to you and the lucky recipient!

  5. Thanks as always for bringing awesome products to our attention, John! I’m one of those heathens who intersperses notes, journaling, doodling, and to do lists all in one journal. Pros: just carry around one journal. Cons: good luck finding a specific thing later!

  6. To justify my renewed interest in fountain pens, I’ve enrolled in an online journaling course. Each week provides a new topic on which to write an essay.. It as been heartbreaking, enlightening and challenging so far.

  7. I use journals for writing every day, for making a bullet journal, and I have a Some Lines A Day five year journal, too. That’s my morning routine–all three journals. This looks like a beautiful journal and I love the paper because I use fountain pens to journal. Lovely! 🙂

  8. Sounds like therapy. I was going to Poo Poo it but maybe I need to start. I don’t journal at all but maybe I’ll start small. Kinda scary digging and sorting through the skeletons in our closets.

    1. Journaling can take on many forms. Most people think it’s a very deep, introspective process, but it can be as simple as recording what you did during your day and evolve into noting what you’re thinking and feeling.

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