KWZ Old Gold Ink Review bottle

Ink of the Week – KWZ Old Gold

John Bosley Fountain Pen Ink 4 Comments

This week we’re going to take a look at KWZ Old Gold. This was the first bottle of KWZ I ever purchased. If I remember correctly, I thought it looked somewhat similar to Skrip Kings Gold, which I’ve always loved. While there are probably better matches out there, I think I just needed a reason to buy an ink from …

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What Are Typical Sheen And Ink Color Combinations?

John Bosley Fountain Pen Ink 8 Comments

There is something fascinating about an ink with beautiful sheen. Maybe it’s how a colorful metallic sheen can enhance how handwriting looks, or maybe it’s just that it feels a little magical to write with a blue ink and have it appear red when viewed from a certain angle. Have you ever noticed that certain ink colors tend to have …

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What Are My Forever Inks?

John Bosley Fountain Pen Ink 15 Comments

A while back I read a post from UK Fountain Pens where he talked about his list of “forever inks”, which is inspired by a post on Fountain Pen Network asking “if you had to rebuild your ink collection from scratch, what would your initial selections be?”. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this since reading his blog …