Kokuyo Campus CYO-BO notebook with Kaweco fountain pen

Kokuyo Campus High Grade (CYO-BO) Notebook Review

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Kokuyo has an impressive lineup of Campus notebooks, the most popular of which is their inexpensive notebook aimed at students. Look beyond that basic Campus notebook, though, and you’ll find a variety of notebooks with higher-quality paper options. Today we’re going to take a look at one of those notebooks, the Kokuyo Campus High Grade notebook with CYO-BO paper. First …

KWZ Old Gold Ink Review bottle

Ink of the Week – KWZ Old Gold

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This week we’re going to take a look at KWZ Old Gold. This was the first bottle of KWZ I ever purchased. If I remember correctly, I thought it looked somewhat similar to Skrip Kings Gold, which I’ve always loved. While there are probably better matches out there, I think I just needed a reason to buy an ink from …

Paper Sample Pack Updates!

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I have some shop updates! – From now through the end of the year, every sample pack order will come with an extra paper sample that was previously only available via Paper of the Month subscriptions! Samples will be chosen randomly and information about each sample will be included. – In the past, some people have asked if I would …