Fountain Pens From My Collection: Lamy AL-Star

John Bosley Fountain Pen Reviews 21 Comments

Lamy pens, specifically the Safari and AL-Star, tend to get mixed reviews from people. It’s not because of the pens themselves and how they write, but because of the pen design and the uniquely-shaped grip. Before I owned one, I was squarely in the “don’t like them” camp, but then I receive one as a gift and quickly realized what …

Pilot Metropolitan best fountain pen for beginners

What’s The Best Fountain Pen For Beginners?

John Bosley Fountain Pen Reviews 52 Comments

If you’re buying your first fountain pen, the options can be pretty overwhelming. Fear not, dear reader. I’ve rounded up some of the most popular fountain pens for beginners and have had people with little or no fountain pen experience test them out. In this article I’ll discuss some of the most popular pens that are usually recommended for your …

Best Disposable Fountain Pen Review Pilot Varsity Platinum Preppy

Choosing The Best Disposable Fountain Pen

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In a world of fountain pens that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the term “disposable fountain pen” might seem like an oxymoron. Indeed, they may go against everything that fountain pens seem to stand for… quality, permanence and luxury. Don’t let the term fool you, though. Disposable fountain pens are actually quite capable little pens! Surprisingly, there are …