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Ink of the Week – My 2023 Project

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Do you have more inks than you’ll ever use? Do you have inks that you have used once or twice, but don’t really know much about? I think we all do. I’ve been thinking about how I can use more of my inks and not just my favorites every time it’s time to fill a new pen.

One thing I’ve never really done here are ink reviews. There are so many reviews out there, as well as great sites that focus on ink reviews, I didn’t know what I could add to what’s already been said. Of course, the end of the year tends to bring thoughts about long-term projects that can be done in the next year. I had always wanted to do a deep dive into some of my inks and get to know them better. After a bit of thought, I came up with my 2023 project.

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Ink of the Week

My plan is to fill up five pens with one ink and use them for an entire week. Traditionally, I never have more than one pen inked up with the same ink and I avoid using the same ink in two consecutive inking sessions. I feel like using the same ink in multiple pens at the same time will be a new experience for me and give me a good feel for how the ink truly behaves.

How am I going to choose the ink each week? I’m going to put all of my bottled inks into a spreadsheet and just randomly select a number, which will correspond to an ink. At some point, I may do polls on Instagram and let people choose between multiple inks, but to start I’m going to select the ink randomly. As for pen selection, that will also be somewhat random, but I do plan to at least try and get a variety of different nib sizes in the mix. The papers I use will be whatever gets used in my daily life.

What to Expect

At the end of each week, I’ll do a writeup of my experience and thoughts about the ink I used. I’ll also give a brief description of the ink. My goal here is not to tell you everything you need to know about a particular ink, but instead to try and let you know what to expect when using a given ink. It’s a way for me to use the inks I sometimes ignore, while also getting to know some of my favorites even better. I’m hoping that you will find the info helpful as well!

The first blog post should show up sometime in the second week of January, with a new post approximately every week thereafter. I hope you find it helpful and enjoyable! Please do let me know in the comments if there is anything else you’d like to see come out of this project.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea. Personally I also like to see how an ink behaves when used artistically so a swish around with a water brush would be good to see as well.

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      Great idea, Elaine! This is also something I like to know about my inks, so I’ll definitely use each ink to play with some water and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion!

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