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Ink of the Week – Visconti Blue

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This week we’re going to take a look at Visconti Blue. When I purchased this ink I was looking for what I considered to be a “pure” blue ink and I think this really fills that role. As you probably know, there are many different shades of blue out there. With such tough competition, how do you choose? I’ll give you a few reasons why I chose this one and enjoy using it so much.

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink doodles

Here’s a look at the ink in a variety of pens

Visconti Blue

To start, let’s take a look at the ink itself. As I mentioned, it is what I consider to be a true blue color. When you look at it, you probably won’t call it a light blue or a dark blue, blue-black, or teal. It’s just blue. But blue doesn’t have to be boring! In fact, I think this blue is fairly exciting. It has some shading and also shows some red sheen. It is quite saturated and really jumps off of the paper.

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink sheen

Here’s a good look at the color and sheen of this ink

When exposed to water, there is a bit of separation in the dyes. I observed some light blue and violet colors. Intrigued, I tried a bit of ink on toilet paper like I did with Lie de Thé in an attempt to really see those colors better. Sure enough, I saw more of the violet.

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink chromatography

Here you can see a bit of color separation

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink pink purple dyes

On toilet paper, it’s much easier to see the color separation

This ink is fairly waterproof. Some dye will wash off of the surface of the paper and smudge things up a bit, but writing is still legible.

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink water test

This ink isn’t waterproof, but fares well with water.

This ink has decent dry times. As you’d expect from a saturated ink with sheen, it does have longer dry times than some inks, but it shouldn’t hinder your writing flow too much. Once it dries, it will smudge a bit if you rest your hand on it for too long. It’s not as bad as I would have thought, though.

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink smudge

You can see a bit of smudging where my hand touched the ink while doodling.

The Pens I Used

Each week I choose five different pens to fill with the ink I’m testing. My goal is to get a variety of nib sizes and styles, as well as a mix of modern and vintage pens. Here are the pens I chose this week and some writing samples from each:

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink pens used

The pens I used (L-R): Parker 51, Pilot Metropolitan, Jinhao 100, Lamy Studio, Platinum 3776

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink nibs

The nibs I used (L-R): Parker F, Pilot M, Jinhao M, Lamy B, Platinum C

Parker 51 (vintage) – F nib

I really enjoyed writing with this combination! The Parker nib is wet for a fine nib and it made writing and doodling with this ink a pleasure. I don’t normally reach for fine nibs, but didn’t mind using this one a bit.

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink parker writing sample

Parker 51 fine nib writing sample

Pilot Metropolitan – M nib

This was another nice combination for both writing and doodling. This Metropolitan nib is a finer medium, but still fairly wet.

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink pilot m nib

Writing sample with Pilot Metropolitan M nib

Jinhao 100 – M nib

I’d consider this Jinhao nib to be a pretty average medium nib. It showed some shading and still gave this ink some sheen. While I didn’t mind it, I ended up using this pen the least this week.

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink Jinhao M nib

Jinhao M nib writing sample

Lamy Studio – B nib

This Lamy nib was the driest of the week and ended up showing the most shading. This combination really made the ink look a bit lighter. In fact, it felt a lot like writing with Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium. If you want this ink to shade a lot, stick with a drier nib.

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink Lamy B nib

Writing sample with Lamy B nib

Platinum 3776 – C nib

As always, this big Platinum nib wasn’t the best for writing in this 5mm line spacing, but that’s not the fault of the ink (or even the nib). It’s a wetter nib than the Lamy so the ink looks darker and has a bit less shading.

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink Platinum C nib

Writing sample with Platinum C nib


On cheap paper, this ink bled, but I didn’t see a lot of feathering. On the Leuchtturm paper, I also saw a bit of bleedthrough. On the other two papers everything looked great. As with any saturated ink, stick with good, fountain-pen-friendly papers and you should be fine.

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink leuchtturm writing sample

Writing sample on Leuchttur paper

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink g lalo paper

Writing sample on G. Lalo Verge de France paper

Visconti Blue fountain pen ink life noble paper

Writing sample on Life Noble paper

Cleaning The Ink Out Of Pens

For such a saturated ink, this cleans out of pens fairly easily. I didn’t have any issues getting it out of any of the pens I used, even the Parker 51. Of course, with saturated inks it’s not a bad idea to use them in pens that are easier to clean, but I would probably use this ink in any pen that I own.


Visconti Blue is one of my favorite blue inks. It is what I reach for when I want a bold, pure blue ink. The sheen adds a touch of interest and beauty, while the shading just looks great. The slight smudging can be a little annoying, but it’s not nearly as bad as what I’ve experienced with some other saturated inks. While it performs very well in a variety of nibs, for me, the color of this ink is the star of the show. I know that there are a huge number of blue inks available to choose from… probably more than any other color of ink. Still, this has got to be one of my favorites.

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  1. That is a stunning blue! I happen to really like the way it looks with the Platinum nib. Bold and beautiful!

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  2. Another amazing blue, it’s bold but not OTT. I wasn’t expecting the shading, love that.

    After last week I finally inked my sample of Syo-Ro and wow, I can see why you chose it as a Forever Ink! It’s so fun to write with that now I’m looking more at blues in general. They’re not so boring 😄

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      It is bold, but as you say, not over the top like a lot of inks that are out there.

      Glad to hear you enjoyed your sample of Syo-ro! I feel like it’s not one that really grabs your attention when you see it online, but in person or using it is a different story.

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