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Using Nalgene Bottles To Store Fountain Pen Ink

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As a fountain pen user, there will be times when you find yourself needing a place to store some ink. I’m not talking about bottles of ink, but liquid ink. Maybe you have a bottle that doesn’t seal any more or maybe a friend wants to give you some ink. Whatever the case, if you need a bottle to keep some ink in, Nalgene makes some bottles that are perfect for ink storage.

Nalgene Bottles For Ink Storage

When you hear the word Nalgene, you probably think of the large 32-ounce water bottles that they make. Well, did you know they also make smaller bottles that are perfect for storing fountain pen ink? Nalgene makes both 2-ounce and 4-ounce bottles that work great. In case you’re wondering, 2 ounces is around 60ml and 4 ounces is around 120ml.

What makes these bottles so great? First of all, they won’t break or crack. Second, they have a great seal, so they won’t leak. Both of these features not only make them great for ink storage, but also for travel! In fact, the bottles are made for traveling with liquids, so you know they’re going to seal up nice and tight.

nalgene bottles used for fountain pen ink

These are just few of the Nalgene bottles that made the move without incident.

On a personal note, a few years ago I moved from Denver to San Francisco. I collect vintage inks and many were in bottles that I didn’t think would make the trip. So, I took those inks and transferred them into Nalgene bottles. I traveled half-way across the country with about 50 of these Nalgene bottles filled with ink and didn’t lose a single drop!

Finding Nalgene Bottles

Since they’re made for travel, you can usually find these Nalgene bottles at stores that sell luggage and travel supplies. If you live near a Container Store, I know that they also sell them individually. If you prefer to do your shopping online, you can find them on Amazon.

One thing to note is that you’ll want to make sure that you purchase the wide-mouth bottles. If you mistakenly buy the narrow-mouth bottles you won’t be able to fill most pens directly from the bottle.

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  1. A good idea to store ink in Nalgene solid leak proof containers.
    For some reason Amazon shows them as no longer available. Don’t know why.
    ‘the container store’ does carry them. As well as a few on-line outlets.

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