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How To Use Your Fountain Pens More Often: Write Quotes and Lyrics

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Many people who collect fountain pens sometimes have trouble using them as often as they would like. If you are not a student or in a profession that requires you to write very often, you might struggle to use your pens at all! In this series of articles I want to make some suggestions that should help you use your fountain pens more often.

Write Quotes and Lyrics

All too often you might want to write, but have no idea what to write about. One of the best ways to find something to write is not to come up with something yourself, but to write down what others have written or said. There are centuries of meaningful and powerful words out there just waiting to be written down.


Quotes are great writing material because they are typically short and inspirational. They are also widely available online. A quick search will turn up thousands of quotes. What’s even better is that they are typically arranged by theme or subject, so if you’re in a particular mood or want a quote about something specific, you shouldn’t have any problem finding one. For example, a quick search for “pen quote” turned up many different sites, with one claiming to have 116 pen quotes! The results will be similar regardless of what you search for.

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I’ve always thought that this is a powerful quote, so writing it helps me to remember it.

Quotes are also great for learning and communicating more about yourself. While reading through lists of quotes, I’m sure that some will resonate more with you than others. Why is that? Is it the idea in the quote or the way in which it’s written? This might be something to think about and write in a journal. If you share your writing on social media, quotes can also let people know what you stand for and believe in.

Song Lyrics

Song lyrics are also a great source of writing material. Similar to quotes, some lyrics will definitely resonate with you more than others. Maybe a particular song helped you get through a tough period or maybe you get happy every time you hear a song. These are perfect songs to take a few lines from and write down! Not only will you enjoy looking up the lyrics and writing them down, but you might just help someone else discover their new favorite song as well!

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This song brings back great memories for me, so writing it down made me really happy.

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  1. What a great idea! I’m going to rewrite all of my own song’s lyrics with my new fountain pens. I had written them all with a keyboard. And I’m going to pay attention to the results. 😊

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