Are There Ever Any Good Fountain Pen Deals During Amazon Prime Day?

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Every year, Amazon Prime Day rolls around and every year it seems like fountain pens get no love. Of course, this isn’t a surprise, but wouldn’t it be nice if there were at least a few decent deals to look forward to? So that you wouldn’t have to, I sifted through the sale items and came up with a few things that might be worth adding to your shopping cart if you’re already placing an Amazon order today.

It’s worth noting that this year Prime Day is actually Prime Days, running from June 21-22. I will update this post through June 22 with any new deals I come across.

As always, I think it’s best to get your fountain pens from small specialty shops instead of Amazon, but if you’re already placing an order and want to throw in something extra, you can’t go wrong with these deals. If none of these deals do it for you but you want to support this site, clicking one of the above links and then purchasing anything, even something non-pen related, helps me out.

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  1. Thanks John, but I think different items are on offer in UK. The best bargain here is a Wordsworth and Black fountain pen. Half price for the Hot Pink one – £11.95

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