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Leap Day Lamy 2K Giveaway

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When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would people think it was interesting? Would my content be different enough to attract readers? Could I come up with something to write about for more than the first month? Then there was the question of an Instagram account. Should I start one to go with the blog? Will I be able to take enough photos for it? Will anyone follow it?

Fast forward about two years and I’m at over 2000 followers on my Instagram account and just started a YouTube channel! Plus, it’s a leap year and who doesn’t like a little rhyming and alliteration in a blog post title (Leap Day Lamy 2K Giveaway)? To celebrate, I thought it would be appropriate to give away a pen that is iconic, amazing, very desirable and shares the “2000” mark: a Lamy 2000. Last year I bought my first (and so far only) Lamy 2000 and immediately fell in love. I had heard everyone talk about how great they were, but never really understood it until I had one that I could use on a regular basis.

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Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen giveaway pen

Now I want someone else to have that experience. Up for grabs is a brand new Lamy 2000 fountain pen with a medium nib. If you’re not familiar with the Lamy 2000, here’s a quick rundown. First off, there’s the design. As you can tell, this pen looks a little bit different than most other fountain pens. It was designed in 1966 by a famous German designer who was versed in the Bauhaus style of design. Next is the material. The body of the pen is made of Makrolon, which is a polycarbonate resin. What I love about it is the soft, warm feel it has. It’s unlike any other pen that I’ve used. Finally, there’s how it writes. The 14k gold nib is a dream to write with and has just enough spring to give it a soft feel without being a flex nib.

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen giveaway nib detail

How To Enter The Giveaway

Entering couldn’t be easier. The widget below has a bunch of different ways to enter. For example, you get one free entry just for stopping by! You can also visit (and hopefully follow) me on Instagram and YouTube, tag a friend on my Instagram giveaway post and share the giveaway in an Instagram story. You can also comment on any blog post on this site for an entry and this one can be done once per day! If you’re not sure what to comment about, leave me a note on this post about YouTube videos you’d like to see.

Thank you to everyone who’s been with me since the beginning and to anyone who’s just discovering this blog. I’ve got some exciting things planned for this year and can’t wait to have you along for the ride!

Lamy 2000 For 2K Giveaway

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  1. A dream pen, the Lamy 2000. I have one with a BB nib ground to a stub and have misplaced it somewhere. This one in medium should be awesome to write with.

    1. That’s so sad, Ged! I would hate to misplace mine. I’ve got a broad ground to an architect. To be honest, I’ve been dying to try this one out and see how the M writes, but have resisted!

      1. Jason, in my experience they tend to write a bit wider and wetter, so if you like a really fine line a fine would probably be a better option. For me, I’d much rather have medium or even a broad.

  2. Ah, a dream pen indeed! I’ve tried other people’s lamy 2k several times now at local pen meets and they’re definitely nice pens. Looking forward to seeing your videos on vintage pens and bits as that isn’t as covered in the YT space.

    1. I’m inclined to agree with you, Thomas. That Bauhaus blue version did look pretty nice, though! I just tried out a stainless version the other day and still think I like the black better!

  3. Actually, Lamy and I have a strange relationship. In the begining, I hated Lamy 2000, because it was black and heavy. But then, I am fall in with Lamy 2000 by the same token. :)) People’s tastes can change over time.

  4. Congratulations again on your success John. Your helpful articles on your blog and now on “the tube” will hopefully help many people as they have me. Looking forward to your thoughts on vintage pens. I would love to own a few but really don’t know enough to make informed decisions about them.
    Continued success!

  5. Generous giveaway! I’m excited about your YouTube channel, as well! There can never be too much quality FP content on YouTube!

  6. Well that’s very generous! Certainly I think has got some people’s attentions, haha.

    I find this funny, because this past weekend was my first time holding a 2000 at all, and it was a West German model in an antique shop. I unfortunately couldn’t justify the cost to myself :/ (much like why I don’t own a modern one in the first place)

  7. Thank you! I lost my LAMY 2000 by accident last year, and I miss it every day. Saving to replace it, but it would be fun to win one.

  8. Thank you for this generous giveaway. I think Lamy are very solid, well-built pens. My Safari is a workhorse. Would love to try the 2000; have heard so much about it.

  9. I started using a fountain pen with a Pelikano, when I was young. (Note: She is still with me and still young;)) After years passed, I searched a fountain pen for a gift to one of my friends. He made me have a Lamy’2K inspected at stationery, and I haven’t forgotten of it since I try. Then, it fired me again, I started writing again with my Pelikano, I bought 3776 for the fine nib (because usually, my font size is small.) , but Lamy’2K … I tried the M nib and OM too, and I wish I never took the OM in my hand… 🙁 OM! That is my real target.) I hope a disciplined Lamy’2K is added next to my hardworking 3776. (I was also curious about your comments for OM nib?)

    1. Hi Mustafa, that’s a great story! Nothing really compares to the Lamy 2K, does it? I’ve never tried the OM nib, but I’m sure it is fairly wet and broad for a medium. I’d love to try one someday!

  10. I have the Lamy 2000 ballpoint but no fountain pen. I hope to add it to my collection soon. But I do love the ballpoint.

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