Please Support Your Local Shops and Small Businesses!

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During these crazy times, it’s super-important to support your local shops and small businesses as much as possible. There’s a very real chance that many of them will not make it through this time of social distancing, shelter in place and quarantines.

In an effort to help out (at least for fountain pens), here are some links to online shops you should consider before buying anything from a mega-retailer like Amazon.

Fountain Pens, Inks and Paper

Yoseka Stationery – Free shipping over $30
Vanness Pens – Free shipping over $40
Anderson Pens – Free shipping over $50
Goulet Pens – Free shipping over $50
JetPens – Free shipping over $25

Don’t Forget Your Local Shops

From what I’ve seen, most local shops are still offering some sort of curbside pickup or delivery option. Since I have no idea where you live, please call or check websites for local shops and see if they’re offing something similar.

If you live near Denver, here are a few shops where you can still get your pen fix (assuming they are currently allowed to operate):

Meininger Art Supply – Offering delivery and curbside pickup
Two Hands Paperie – Pickup or free shipping over $25 (or FREE shipping in CO with code “COLORADO”)

Please feel free to post your favorite local or online shops in the comments!

Full disclosure: My site has Amazon affiliate links and honestly, I would love it if you bought all of your fountain pen supplies from the shops listed above instead of Amazon. The little money I do make from Amazon is put back into this site, so if you’re making a purchase of something that’s not pen-related, click through any link on my site to Amazon and I’ll still make a bit of money from your purchase! This will allow me to purchase from the above shops as well. Thank you!

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  1. I understand your point, and I don’t disagree with it, but in the end it’s about money. I can buy a Jinhao 126 for £1.60 from Alibaba, £5 from Amazon (still comes from China) or £10 from Amazon but it’s already in my country. All prices inc. postage. I have never earned enough to be reckless with money because I’ve always gone for low wage high feelgood jobs.
    If you don’t own a Jinhao 126, I can recommend it. I dread to think what it would cost in a real high street shop.

    1. It’s always about money, Noel. I think your example makes sense, but for many things like a bottle of ink or pad of paper, the amount you save by purchasing from Amazon versus an online or local shop is typically less than 10% and I can promise that the local shop needs the money more than Amazon, especially right now.

      I don’t have any Jinhao pens. I’ll have to pick one of those up someday.

      1. John, I would never buy ink from Amazon. It’s so expensive. I used to buy Diamine ink from Diamine until I found that Cult Pens sold it much cheaper. In the US can you buy ink from the manufacturer?
        Jinhao pens, no matter how cheap, always have superb and smooth nibs. The 126 model is all stainless steel and is worth much more than you’ll pay for it.

        1. In the US you can definitely buy ink from small boutique manufacturers, but there aren’t many. I’d say most ink purchases are made through third-party online retailers.

  2. I am a fan of Goulet and Jetpens, but can I also put in a good word for Pen Chalet, Pensachi and the Nibsmith!

  3. Well said John. The products, services, videos and what not these companies have and share add so much to the fountain pen community. They deserve and need the support. Stay Home,Stay Safe and watch a fountain pen video! 😁

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