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As I mentioned in my last post, I haven’t had much time to do anything with the site. I also didn’t have much time to work on paper sample packs. I’m happy to say that all sample packs are now back in stock! Check out the shop if you’d like to pick one up.

One change that’s been made to the Custom Sample Pack is that Midori MD Cotton has been removed. It never seemed to be a very popular paper sample, although I know many people love the paper, and with it no longer being available in A5-sized notebooks, I feel like something better could take its place. With that being said, Leuchtturm 120gsm paper samples have been added! I also have a review of that notebook coming to the site very soon.

Another temporary change is that G. Lalo Verge de France samples will be ivory instead of white for the near future. It seems that white is out of stock everywhere, so I figure ivory is better than no sample at all. All current packs that are in stock have white, but after that it will be ivory until I can get my hands on more white.

Finally, I have a limited number of sample packs available that are composed of previous Paper of the Month samples. Going forward, this is probably something that I’ll do a few times a year. I’ll be sure to share it in an update when they next become available. You can find that sample pack here (supplies are extremely limited).

Next week expect a return to normal blog posts instead of just site updates. I’m looking forward to posting here more often and using my fountain pens regularly again!

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