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The Daily Giveaway – Contests In The World Of Fountain Pens

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You want some free stuff? I want some free stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff? It seems like there are always multiple giveaways going on in the fountain pen community, especially around Fountain Pen Day (the first Friday in November). Here’s a rundown of all that are currently happening (that I know about). If you know of any that are missing, please leave a comment or contact me with the info. I try to keep this page updated daily.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of these businesses or individuals (unless otherwise noted) and this page is merely for reference purposes. Your chances (or my chances) don’t improve if you enter any of these contests using the provided links. I make an effort to update this list as often as possible and all information on this page is current and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Current Giveaways:

Recurring Giveaways:
– Goulet Pens (blog): Something fountain pen related – weekly, every Monday
– Robert Oster (Instagram): Free 4-pack of ink – weekly, every Wednesday
– Appelboom Pens (Instagram): Free pen Friday – weekly, every Friday

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