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Fountain Pen Giveaways, Deals, Reads and Love – Week of May 20, 2019

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Here’s a quick roundup of new giveaways, deals, reads, images and a bit of what I’m loving for the week of May 20, 2019.


– Atlas Stationers is giving away a Pilot Custom 74 on Instagram.
– Krishna Inks is giving away ink on Instagram.
– Bungubox is giving away a limited edition Zodiac pen, but to enter you have to post an image of something created with their Melancholic Gray ink: Instagram.


All pricing was accurate at the time of this post, but may have changed, so be sure to check the price before purchasing. As always, only purchase items from trusted sellers.

Yama-budo is one of the most popular inks in the Iroshizuku line up, and this is a great price!
– Getting J. Herbin inks for under $10 is always nice, so if you want a light blue, check out this bottle of Bleu Azur.
Pilot Metropolitans are getting harder to find good deals on, but this one isn’t too bad if you’re already buying something over $35 from Amazon.

Interesting Reads and Images

– If you’ve ever dreamed of going to Japan and touring the various shops that sell fountain pens, UK Fountain Pens has a few great articles you’ll love. I was quite envious when I read about his Japan haul.
– Inkophile has a short but thoughtful post on pen-related wishlists and the desire to acquire.
– Anderson Pens has a great write up of Montblanc’s Rebel Red ink. I think it looks great and would love to see it in person!
– Vanness Pens came out with a new product: White Lightning! It’s an additive you can add to ink to help it flow better. I haven’t tried it yet, but you can read a review on the Well Appointed Desk.

What I’m Loving

– Sunshine! I started the week in Wichita, KS on one of the worst weather days so far this year (huge amounts of rain, lightning and threats of tornadoes). When I arrived back in Colorado it was snowing! After a gloomy week, the sun has finally decided to come out, just in time for me to photograph a wedding. Let’s hope it sticks around for a while.
– Pen cleaning! I had let my inked pens get a little out of control. Unfortunately, I have been traveling these past few weeks and many either were written dry or dried out on their own. Needless to say, I had quite a pile of pens that needed cleaned. While it’s not the most fun or exciting part of using fountain pens, there’s something very satisfying about getting them all cleaned up and ready to use again.

Disclaimer: In case you’re wondering, this page (and the rest of this site) contains affiliate links. The little bit of money I earn from these is used to purchase new products for review and to occasionally give away. Thanks for reading and the support!

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  1. A nasty flare of carpal tunnel syndrome has left me unable to write much with my fountain pens, and like you, keeping many pens inked means many pens waiting to be cleaned. You’ve inspired me to tackle the task this week!

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