Fountain Pen Giveaways, Deals, Reads and Love – Week of October 21, 2019

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Here’s a quick roundup of new giveaways, deals, reads, images and a bit of what I’m loving for the week of October 21, 2019.


– Fountain Pen Day is right around the corner (November 1), so keep an eye out for my Fountain Pen Day Giveaway post, which will be continuously updated as new giveaways are announced.
– Pen Chalet is giving away a bottle of Robert Oster ink.


All pricing was accurate at the time of this post, but may have changed, so be sure to check the price before purchasing. As always, only purchase items from trusted sellers.

– Missed out on the big Lamy clearance sale at Barnes and Noble? Here’s a great deal on an Al-Star. It looks legit, but you might exercise some caution, as it isn’t listed like most other pens.
– If you like J. Herbin inks and want a lot of one color, I just saw that some are available in 100ml bottles! I had no idea they came in this size.

Interesting Reads and Images

– The Gentleman Stationer has a great post about why he loves Lamy inks.
– Want to watch some flex nibs doing their thing? Gourmet Pens has a video you should check out.
– Interested in Diamine’s Inkvent calendar? Nick Stewart has an overview of all of the inks that come in it, done in his own unique way.
– Fountain Pen Follies has a nice, informative article with some interesting thoughts: A Beginners Guide to Fountain Pen Inks

What I’m Loving

– I’ve recently gotten back into playing MTG: Arena and am having a lot of fun with the latest set. Anyone else play?
– Last week I went to New Orleans and finally had a chance to visit Papier Plume. What a wonderful pen shop!
– Of course, I can’t mention New Orleans and not mention food. I’ve been dreaming of gumbo, grits and jambalaya ever since I got back to Denver.

Disclaimer: In case you’re wondering, this page (and the rest of this site) contains affiliate links. The little bit of money I earn from these is used to purchase new products for review and to occasionally give away. Thanks for reading and the support!

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  1. I just looked at Gourmet pens flex nib video via your link. I’m impressed, especially as I ordered a G nib a few days ago. I hope it’s the same thing. Do you know what ink can be green and blue, as in the video?

    1. Post

      Ooh, you’ll have fun with your new nib. It should be able to flex even more than those nibs. I saw that color change as well and think it was just a transition from one ink to another. I’m assuming she dipped it into green but had blue ink in the pen.

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