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As I was writing my Fountain Pen Day 2019 Giveaways article, I kept thinking that I should do some sort of giveaway as well. The problem was, I wasn’t sure what to give away. It wasn’t until this morning that it finally hit me. Paper samples!

The Giveaway

First things first, here’s the link to my Instagram post where you can enter.

As some of you may know, I sell paper sample packs in my shop. One is a big, pre-made sample pack of various fountain pen friendly papers. The other is a custom paper sample pack that you can build yourself.

For this sample pack, I’m including a sheet of every paper that’s available in the sample packs I create, plus a few that aren’t (yet)! That means a total of 28 different paper samples! You’ll receive one sheet of each paper, as opposed to two or three sheets in the regular sample packs, but that’s still enough to test and get a feel for each paper.

You can win a total of 28 different paper samples in my latest giveaway!

I’ve written the number for each paper on the bottom-left corner of each paper with pencil. This will help you identify what type of paper each sheet is. You’ll also receive a key to help you match the numbers with the paper type.

paper sample identification

I’ve written a number on each sheet so that you can identify it.

For Fountain Pen Day 2019, I’m changing things up and only allowing entries via Instagram. I know that there are some people out there who don’t use Instagram, and to those people I’m sorry. I’ll have another giveaway coming up soon (my biggest yet) that you’ll be able to participate in!

The Papers

You might be wondering which papers are included in the sample pack. Here’s a list. Remember, you’ll receive one sheet of each:

  • Sample #1: Apica CD11
  • Sample #2: Apica Premium C.D.
  • Sample #3: Black n’ Red Spiralbound
  • Sample #4: Clairfontaine Basic My Essential
  • Sample #5: Clairfontaine Triomphe
  • Sample #6: Fabriano EcoQua
  • Sample #7: G. Lalo Verge de France
  • Sample #8: HP Premium32
  • Sample #9: Itoya Profolio Oasis
  • Sample #10: Itoya Romeo
  • Sample #11: Kokuyo Century Edition
  • Sample #12: Leucchturm 1917
  • Sample #13: Life Bank
  • Sample #14: Life L
  • Sample #15: Life Noble
  • Sample #16: Nakabayashi Logical Prime
  • Sample #17: Midori MD
  • Sample #18: Mnemosyne 195
  • Sample #19: Rhodia Dot Pad
  • Sample #20: Lamy
  • Sample #21: Tomoe River 52gsm
  • Sample #22: Tomoe River 68gsm
  • Sample #23: Kobeha Graphilo
  • Sample #24: Yoseka Stationery
  • Sample #25: Midori MD Cotton
  • Sample #26: Yamamoto Cosmo Air Light
  • Sample #27: Strathmore Writing Paper
  • Sample #28: Exceed Bullet Journal
One Final Question

I’ll leave you with one final question. Would there be any interest in a sample pack like this being a regular item in my shop? As I said, the current sample packs include two or three sheets of each paper sample, but fewer paper types. This includes more paper types but only one sheet of each. Let me know in the comments if you think one sheet of each is enough or if you’d prefer more than one sheet.

Finally, in case you missed it, here’s the link to my Instagram post where you can enter.

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  1. I love paper! I have found that I enjoy writing on Tomoe, but I found that I love the feel of LIFE paper too. It’s difficult ordering offline & Ive purchased some rough paper for my fountain pen writing. I think a couple of sheets in sample packages are nice; writing on 1, swabbing on the next & so on. “Nobody can try just one.”

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      Thanks for your thoughts, Velvajean. I agree that multiple sheets is probably ideal so you can use them for different things. LIFE is some wonderful paper to write on, especially if you like smooth paper.

  2. It’s always taken for granted. Paper plays a big role with regards to ink and fountain pens. I’m lucky yo have received a booklet of paper samples such as this one from a pen friend in Europe. So helpful really.

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