New Paper Samples Have Been Added and A Recent Change

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While the world may have significantly changed for all of us over the past 6 months, there’s always room for something new. In this case, I hope you’re ready for some new paper! As you probably know, I have tried out many different types of paper and have quite a few that I love, but don’t have easy access to. It always makes me really happy to find a source for a paper that I want to add to my shop. Recently, I was able to do just that!

A New Paper Sample

I am happy to announce that I have added paper samples from Stalogy notebooks to the Custom Fountain Pen Paper Sample Pack. This paper is fantastic and may just be your new favorite if you’re never tried it out before.

Stalogy 016 fountain pen friendly Notebook Pelikan 500

Saying Goodbye To A Paper Sample

I also need to announce that one paper will be leaving the Custom Sample Pack once I’m out of it. Yoseka Notebooks previously used Conifer KBU2 paper, but it is no longer being made so the paper that is in their notebooks has changed. I don’t want to offer samples of paper that can no longer be purchased, so once it’s gone it’s gone. They do have new notebooks with different paper in them, but I haven’t tested it yet. Once I do, it may show up in the shop as a paper option.

Yoseka Notebook Review cover decoration

A New Sample Pack!

I have also created a new paper sample pack that contains what I consider to be some of the best papers available today. It is called the Paper Connoisseur Sample Pack and is made for people who want to try some new papers that are different than what is readily available in your average notebook. All of these samples are also available in the Custom Sample Pack, but by purchasing this one that is pre-made, you get 10 samples instead of 8!

Note: I am currently evaluating what paper to add to this sample pack once my supply of Yoseka paper is exhausted.

I hope that you find these changes exciting. If you have any papers that you’d like me to test or consider adding to the sample packs, please let me know. Happy writing!

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