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Doodling With Fountain Pens: Petals Pattern

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The next pattern in my Doodling With Fountain Pens series is one that is a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty easy. I wasn’t sure what to call this one. My wife suggested Petals, so that’s what I’m going with. If you’re ready, grab a pen and some paper and let’s get started!

Fountain pen doodle petal pattern variety

This pattern has lots of possible variations

Thoughts On This Pattern

I first came across this pattern (or my inspiration for it) years ago in one of jkwrites’ Instagram posts. I think it’s a zendoodle pattern. I tweaked it a bit to have a rounded center and fewer outlines on the petals.

Fountain pen doodle petal pattern syo ro

This version has Platinum Carbon Black and Iroshizuku Syo ro

How It’s Done

Start out by drawing a circle. Now draw another circle around that first circle. Fill in the inner circle. This will be the starting point of your pattern.

Fountain pen doodle petal pattern first circle

It just takes two circles to start this pattern

Now it’s time to start drawing the petals. Each petal basically consists of two elongated circles like you just drew. Instead of being complete circles, they “grow” out of the center circle and then, eventually, each other. Draw one “center” coming out of the circle, and then another outlining it.

Fountain pen doodle petal pattern new petal

This is the first petal

The shapes of the petals will determine how your final doodle looks. Sometimes I’ll make mine more slim and elongated, while others I’ll make them a little more rounded. The amount of space you leave between the center and outer line of the petal will also change the look of your doodle.

Fountain pen doodle petal pattern shapes

You can draw different petal shapes

Continue drawing petals around your circle. I like to space them out so there’s not much overlap in this first layer. I also like to vary the petal size for a bit more of a random look, but feel free to make them the same size and/or add overlap if you want.

Fountain pen doodle petal pattern first layer

The first layer is done

At this point I like to fill in the center of each petal. You can easily wait until the end of the doodle, as it’s pretty easy to tell them apart once you’re finished, but my personal preference is to fill in every few petals as I go.

Fountain pen doodle petal pattern filled in

The first layer of petals is filled in

The next layer of petals will emerge from that first layer. Find a space between two petals to draw another center, then the outline.

Fountain pen doodle petal pattern next layer

Here is the next layer of petals

At this point you have another decision to make. You can continue drawing petals around the center in a circular pattern, which should keep them looking fairly even, or you can focus on extending one area at a time, which can lead to a more pointed look.

Fountain pen doodle petal pattern extending

I’ve drawn more petals on the top and extended the bottom

At this point, you can continue on as you see fit and the doodle will start to take shape. You’ll want to be sure to bring some groupings to an end by gradually having them taper to a point (the groupings of petals, not the petals themselves).

You can also add a new starting point to your doodle. I like to do this for some visual variety. Instead of drawing a small petal, you’ll basically just draw a really big one that overlaps with many of the smaller petals. This can have just one outline or more than one if you’d like.

Fountain pen doodle petal pattern circle

Add a circle for a little variety if you’d like

Continue drawing layers of petals and eventually you’ll be finished!

Fountain pen doodle petal pattern finished

Here’s the finished doodle!

Wrapping Up

This pattern is one that will evolve over time for you. I feel like the more I draw it, the more comfortable and familiar I get with it. Personally, I have found that I like to make longer, thinner groups of petals that have a slight curve to them. You may find that you prefer short, symmetrical petal groups. That’s the beauty of doodles like this… there is no right or wrong way to do them, so whatever looks good to you is totally fine!

Fountain pen doodle petal pattern with pens

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  1. Another beauty! And so many possibilities! Thank you for including the step-by-steps for those of us without even one creative bone. This is just the best series ever. Thanks as always, John.

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