Nakabayashi Logical Swing Air Notebook cover

Logical Air Swing Notebook Review

John BosleyReviews 2 Comments

If you’ve already read my review of the Logical Swing notebook, this review of the Logical Air Swing will feel quite familiar. The notebooks are nearly identical, with one key exception. What could that be, you ask? Read on to find out. First Impressions This is very much a no-frills notebook. It doesn’t look very impressive and feels a little …

Nakabayashi Logical Swing Notebook cover lamy 2000

Logical Swing Notebook Review

John BosleyReviews 2 Comments

You may already know that I’m a big fan of the Logical Prime notebook. This notebook, the Logical Swing, is made by Nakabayashi, the same company who makes the Logical Prime. I’m excited to try it out and see if it’s a less-expensive alternative to the Logical Prime. First Impressions On first glance, this notebook seems to be intended for …

Ayush Notebook Review cover image

Ayush Notebook Review

John BosleyReviews 2 Comments

Ayush notebooks have been on the fountain pen scene for just a few years now. I had heard great things about them, so when I knew that I was going to be seeing Kirk from Pen Realm, I ordered some for him to bring along to our meetup. While it doesn’t look like he currently has the same notebooks that …

Site Difficulties

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If you tried to visit this site in the past few days, I’m sure you noticed that it wasn’t working. I’m not sure what happened, but some update completely broke the site and I’ve been working on getting it back up and running for the past few days. I think I have everything back to normal now, but I’d appreciate …