Fountain Pen Ink Bottle Variety

Fountain Pen Ink Bottle Design

John BosleyFountain Pen Ink 19 Comments

Fountain pen inks come in a huge variety of colors. Although not quite as varied as the inks themselves, ink bottles come in many different shapes and sizes. While most people buy a bottle of ink for the ink that’s inside of the bottle, bottle design can also play a part in which ink a fountain pen user ultimately chooses …

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What Are My Forever Inks?

John BosleyFountain Pen Ink 15 Comments

A while back I read a post from UK Fountain Pens where he talked about his list of “forever inks”, which is inspired by a post on Fountain Pen Network asking “if you had to rebuild your ink collection from scratch, what would your initial selections be?”. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this since reading his blog …

What Are The Best Fountain Pen Inks For Bullet Journaling?

John BosleyBullet Journal 24 Comments

Bullet journaling is an extremely effective way for many people to organize their schedules, thoughts, ideas and memories. It’s also a wonderful way to use your fountain pens and a great notebook! One thing that I have found, though, is that you’ll need to be a little careful with the inks you choose to use if you do use your …

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Can Different Papers Change The Way An Ink Looks?

John BosleyPaper 2 Comments

The other day I was testing out some different papers and was surprised to find that the ink looked significantly different on one type of paper versus another. This was not something that I had ever experienced before, and it made me wonder, can different papers really change the way an ink looks? I had experienced inks looking less saturated …