focus stacking montblanc 149 fountain pen

Fountain Pen Photography: How To Focus Stack

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If you’ve ever tried to photograph your fountain pen nib using a macro lens, you’re probably aware of how frustrating it can be trying to get everything in focus. It seems like no matter what you do, a small part of the nib is in focus, while a big part of the nib is out of focus. Unfortunately, due to …

how to purchase fountain pens on rakuten global market

How To Purchase Fountain Pens On Rakuten Global Market

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From time to time, you might see Rakuten Global Market mentioned as a place where you can get great deals on fountain pens or find pens that aren’t normally available in the United States. Indeed, Rakuten has a huge, almost overwhelming, selection of fountain pens and supplies. If it’s your first time visiting the site, there’s no doubt you’ll be …

How to clean a fountain pen ink drops

How To Clean A Fountain Pen

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One of the most important aspects of using fountain pens is cleaning them. With regular and proper cleaning, your fountain pens should last for a very long time without any issues. Without regular and proper cleaning, you will likely experience skipping, ink flow issues and possibly even mold. If you’re new to the world of fountain pens, in this article …

how to make a fountain pen ink splat

How To Make An Ink Splat

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Look through photos on social media platforms like Instagram and it won’t take long before you see the popularity of ink splat photos. There’s a good reason ink splats are so popular. They can show off all of the properties of ink, from shading to sheen, and usually represent the different colors you can expect to get from a given …