is mixing fountain pen inks dangerous

How Dangerous Is Mixing Fountain Pen Inks?

John BosleyFountain Pen Ink 31 Comments

I’ve always heard that it’s dangerous to mix fountain pen inks. Some people have had the experience of mixing inks, only to have solids, or a precipitate form, which can potentially clog a fountain pen. I am usually very careful about completely cleaning out my pen before using a new ink. The main reason for this is that I don’t …

does paper color affect ink color cover image with montblanc 149

How Does Paper Color Affect Ink Color?

John BosleyFountain Pen Ink 14 Comments

It’s no secret that there are thousands of different colors of ink available to fountain pen users these days. Many of us carefully choose the color of ink we use, passing on one color for another that is slightly different but, to our eyes, perfect. How often do you take the color of the paper you write on into consideration? …

fountain pen gift ideas life writing paper

Gift Ideas For Fountain Pen Users

John BosleyMiscellaneous 2 Comments

If you have a special someone in your life who is a fan of fountain pens, choosing the perfect gift for them might seem impossible. Pen users and collectors can be quite opinionated about what they like and prefer to use. I know that my wife has a really hard time buying gifts for me, either because I’m very picky …

how to make a fountain pen ink splat

How To Make An Ink Splat

John BosleyHow To 7 Comments

Look through photos on social media platforms like Instagram and it won’t take long before you see the popularity of ink splat photos. There’s a good reason ink splats are so popular. They can show off all of the properties of ink, from shading to sheen, and usually represent the different colors you can expect to get from a given …